Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Next job: teaching Chinese?

The Chinese say “what you think of during the day is what you dream about at night” (日有所思,夜有所梦). Hmm, shall I start a Chinese Idiom of the Day thing here?

But alas, I digress. Yesterday in my dream, I was watching a video with a remote control in hand. I kept fast-forwarding and rewinding in search of a desired scene – but never seemed to be able to find it. Eventually I was woken up by a phone call.

What an appropriate metaphor, I marveled – especially considering I work in the TV industry. I have indeed been contemplating my next career move for quite some time – and the hunt for a new job has been fruitless so far.

Which leads me to introducing today’s second Chinese idiom, “if you are really focused and determined, you can shoot your arrow into a hard rock” (精诚所至,金石为开). The hyperboles of the ancient Chinese are certainly comforting words during difficult times.


Magnus said...

huanying ni lai danmai dang wo ziji de zhongwen laoshi, hao hao xuexi tian tian shang.

Middleman said...